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to become happy
to become happy
Contact or reservation for spiritual counselor. Attention:We do not accept e-mail. spiritual salon 'Kamiya'

To all beginners from spiritual counselor

To all foreigners

To all foreigners,

Welcome to visiting the web-site of the spiritual salon, 'Kamiya'.

Recently, do you fall into an unknown difficulty, which is something wrong with you, including bad condition, bad feeling and irritable state? Probably you do not know why.

Generally, it will be caused by physical problem, or stress by your business or your life. However, instead of those, it is likely that some spiritual evil, which you don't know, affects you.

Would you like to ask a counselor of the spiritual salon, 'Kamiya' for a guidepost of a turn for the better?

At the spiritual salon, 'Kamiya', using the spiritual power, we will help you cope with stress of many kinds of worries. We will help a person of bad physical condition, a person who is suffering from spiritual evil and the management who wishes his or her results better.

The message from the God to you, visiting this web-site, is 'Enjoy your living! '.
This means; as you must improve and raise yourself, you do enjoy your living.

How to use the spiritual salon, 'Kamiya' ......
If you don't know how to choose the menu of 'Kamiya', call us above all without hesitation.

If you call us from outside of Japan, could you please speak certainly in Japanese? Kamiya's receptionist can not speak English. Furthermore, we can not accept e-mail. Please note the above.

Sacred Cleansing Salt

If you are lightly possessed by a demon, you will be possibly purified with the sacred cleansing salt. Your little effort will change yourself.

The Art of Self-defense

If you are in a psychic constitution and are affected with some spirit, you have to learn the art of self-defense. Learning the art can protect you from the bad influence by the spirit. As you are the management, you can protect your firm and employee from the bad influence and protect yourself suffering from by the spirit.


At first, the counseling of 'Kamiya' looks for its cause by means of a spiritual clairvoyance and a conversation with the Guardian God by a spiritual counselor, Keishu, a person with spiritual power. Above all, let me hear what kind of problem you have. The counseling fee by a call is 3,800yen per 20min.

Power Stone

If you want to strengthen yourself, we recommend you the power stone. We choose suitable power stone best fitted to you and pour the power that you need now into the stone. That is a made-to-order power stone with strong wave motion.

Power Spot Tour

If you want to receive the God's power, if you want to know the shrine best fitted to you and if you want to know the power spot and so on, we recommend you the power spot tour which you can feel and receive heavenly feeling.


If you are worried about a spiritual evil or something unknown and wrong with you, we recommend the purification by 'Kamiya'. You can be really purified remotely by phone. After purification, we will send you photo taking during the purification. The spiritual image that will be conducted to the heaven will be captured on the photo. The purification fee by phone is 52,500yen.

Making inquiries and reservation to the spiritual salon, 'Kamiya', please call in Japanese. Call the below number. * We do not accept e-mail.

TEL +81(0)3 3441 0607


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